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    open micro mesh frp fiberglass moulded grating platform walkway panel

    Molded FRP Grating

    uscg L2 L3 level industry grp fiberglass decking marine plastic gratings walkway molded frp grating

    Molded FRP Grating are manufactured in an open, heated mold system. Continuous E-glass roving’s are placed in the mold in alternating layers and completely wetted out with resin. This continuous process produces an integral, one piece construction which provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as bi-directional strength. There are a number of different molds available resulting in a extensive range of panel sizes, thickness and mesh patterns.

    pultrusion reinforced composite plastic frp fiberglass gratings dock decking sheet

    Pultruded FRP Grating

    open mesh composite plastic pultruded frp fiberglass gratings dock decking sheet grp walkway panel

    Pultruded FRP Grating are panels with open space, assembled, through specially designed process, with “I”, “T” and “HL” shaped bearing bars and interlocked with solid rods or tubes, which are all pultruded.FRP pultruded grating is light-weight, strong, anti-fire chemical and UV resistant, and reduces costly maintenance. FRP pultruded grating is well suited for highly corrosive environments and offers extended life, eliminating periodic maintenance and extra cost, which is a good alternative compared to steel gratings.

    frp I shape h beam Floor plate fiberglass Equal angle Kick plate grp tube

    FRP Structural Profiles

    fiberglass round tube frp h I beam equal angle u channel grp pultruded plank slab solid rod ladder rung

    FRP Structural Profiles are an ideal alternative to traditional steel and timber, offering cost-effective, durable and corrosion-resistant protection for industrial structures.

    Exceptionally strong and sturdy, FRP profiles can be used in a range of ways and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the task at hand. Manufactured from isophthalic polyester resin and reinforced with E glass fibre for extra strength – FRP profiles are superior for commercial and industrial use.

    UV resistance anti corrosion fiberglass frp handrail and fittings

    FRP Handrail Solutions

    outdoor fiberglass balustrade frp handrail connector and fittings composite plastic handrail tube

    FRP handrails are an excellent choice. Made up from 50mm tubes for the top-rail, mid-rail & upright posts, FRP moulded fittings are used in a key-clamp style, pieced together to complete the handrail system. Our modular handrails can be supplied pre-built to drawing or cut to size ready to be built on-site from flat pack form for your convenience.

    frp stair nosing fiberglass stair tread strip tactile indicator paving tile

    Non slip Products

    anti slip frp stair nosing fiberglass grp stair tread strip non skid tactile indicator paving tile

    Non slip Products are frp stair nosing tread ,gritted frp flat sheets and tactile pavings.Non-structural, anti-slip safety covers designed to be easily fitted over stair tread areas and/or the front edge of most types and styles of steps and stairs. We can cut to the exact size that you require.These FRP non slip products are currently being used by the construction, rail, offshore and marine industries with great results.