FRP Wide Flange H Beam
  • FRP Wide Flange H Beam
  • FRP Wide Flange H Beam
  • FRP Wide Flange H Beam

FRP Wide Flange H Beam

FRP Wide Flange H Beam are suitable for any structural project. Available in various sizes, lengths, colours and resins depending upon the application.
• Material:: Ortho resin ,Isophthalic resin, Vinyl resin
• Colours Available: All Ral color
• Dimension:
HB76 76×76×6.4×6.4 mm
HB102A 102×102×6.4×6.4 mm
HB102B 102×102×8.0×8.0 mm
HB152A 152×152×6.4×6.4 mm
HB152B 152×152×9.5×9.5 mm
HB203A 203×203×9.5×9.5 mm
HB203B 203×203×12.7×12.7 mm
HB203C 203×203×6.4×6.4 mm
HB254A 254×254×9.5×9.5 mm
HB254B 254×254×12.7×12.7 mm
HB305 305×305×12.7×12.7 mm

More Details

FRP profiles are light in weight, maintenance free and suitable for a broad range of applications, making an ideal and cost-efficient replacement for traditionally used materials like concrete, steel, aluminium and wood.

A smooth finished surface provides long life with the material offering a cost-efficient and sustainable solution to many design requirements.

Pultrusion is a continuous process used in the production of composite profiles with constant cross sections and material properties.

Now in use for more than 50 years, the technology ensures consistently high quality is reproduced in every production run for every product. Densely packed continuous fibreglass rovings and matting are pulled by process machinery through a bath of resin and then on through a high temperature and high-pressure mould which forms and cures the finished section shape. 

Suitable for all industrial and commercial environments, pultruded profiles are typically used to construct safe access structures such as stairways, walkways and platforms.

We also welcome enquiries for new moulds and profiles to be made.


Advantage for frp products:

  • Long lasting and durable
  • Load testing of profiles allows the design of safe structures
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • High impact resistance
  • UV resistant – maintains structural integrity after long service
  • Fire retardant options available with a choice of resin type (such as isophthalic polyester resin) to meet most requirements
  • Chemical resistant resists a wide variety of chemicals, suits most environments
Typical installation scenarios include:
  • Access platform walkways
  • Pedestrian bridges, steps & walkways
  • Worker access to machinery
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Marine vessel applications
  • Water treatment works
  • Offshore wind & oil facilities
  • Railway trackside applications