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    high strength light weight fire proof frp molded grating walkway panel


    Welcome to NANTONG FOTUO NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD, specialized in the manufacturing of FRP serie products,was established in 2010. Located in the NANTONG city, only 100 kilometers far from Shanghai .Our factory covers over 35000 square meters and has more than 80 employees. ISO9001-2008 quality system assures customers of the stable quality commodities.SGS testing report, ASTM E84.Main products: FRP gratings, FRP profiles, FRP platforms, FRP handrails,FRP ladders, anti slip FRP products etc.Guests at home and abroad are warmly welcome.We'd like to provide you high quality and suitable goods, together with our best service!

    GRP grating reinforced plastic fiberglass platform


    Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is most often referred to simply as “fiberglass”. Used in this context, “fiberglass” is a composite consisting of a polymer resin matrix reinforced by embedded glass fibers. The strength of a fiberglass part is determined primarily by the type, orientation, quantity, and location of the glass fibers within the composite.



  • The Features of Fiberglass Composites:

    High Strength

    Stronger than structural steel on a pound-for-pound basis. Used for building structures, walkways, platforms, etc.

    Light Weight

    FRP fiberglass composite products weigh approximately 75-80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminum. This translates to lower transportation costs, easier installation and less weight in structural designs.

    Corrosion Resistance

    FOTUO proprietary “wet-out” process ensures complete reinforcement saturation. Fiberglass will not rot and is impervious to insects and a broad range of corrosive environments. FRP composites have been successfully used for indoor and outdoor applications at hotels, restaurants, chemical plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, and in many other corrosive environments.

    Low Conductivity

    An excellent insulator, fiberglass has low thermal and electrical conductivity, making it a popular choice in electrical applications.

    Electromagnetic Transparency

    Fiberglass is transparent to radio waves, microwaves, and other electromagnetic frequencies. FOTUO composite products are regularly used in cellular applications due to this feature.

    Reduced Maintenance Costs

    Fiberglass corrosion resistance means that the need for routine painting and repair is virtually eliminated. Therefore, FRP product life cycle costs are often significantly lower than traditional materials.

    No Heavy Lifting or Welding

    Fiberglass is lightweight and may require less equipment, workers, and time to install. Additionally, fiberglass can be field fabricated with standard carpentry tools (using carbide or diamond blades). This translates to reduced risk of on-site injuries and downtimes associated with traditional materials and installation equipment.

    Aesthetically Durable

    Fiberglass products withstand weathering and intense use, providing long-lasting beauty. Once installed, FRP products are extremely low maintenance.

    Safer for Employee

    Fiberglass products are electrically non-conductive and can be manufactured with non-skid surfaces to provide a safe work environment for employees. 

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