GRP Stair Treads and Nosing
  • GRP Stair Treads and Nosing
  • GRP Stair Treads and Nosing
  • GRP Stair Treads and Nosing
  • GRP Stair Treads and Nosing
  • GRP Stair Treads and Nosing

GRP Stair Treads and Nosing

FRP stair tread covers, landing covers and stair nosing covers provide safety and security to stairs in all environments, including indoors and outdoors. Both impact and corrosion resistant, our step and walkway/pedestrian solutions are reliable for heavy plant locations and chemical factories, as well as local authority properties and schools.

We use isophthalic polyester in our non-slip stair nosings and treads. This resin provides good chemical properties used to seal the surface of the anti-slip substrate ensuring that the selected high-grade aluminium oxide aggregate cannot become detached from the FRP sheet. This prevents wear out and provides a long-lasting solution.
More Details

 FRP stair tread covers and FRP nosings are an impact-resistant, long lasting solution for external applications, including those with heavy footfall.


Much like wooden stairs, outdoor concrete stairs can also become covered in algae and moss over time. This makes them slippery and unsafe for pedestrians, particularly in bad weather. Concrete stairs are often a feature of many high-footfall locations, such as schools and commercial locations, so an anti-slip solution is imperative to prevent accidents. Concrete stair treads and nosings give you much needed peace of mind.


FRP anti-slip stair tread covers, stair nosings and flat sheeting provide safety and security to many other surfaces,

  • Railway Stations
  • Footbridge/Pedestrian Bridge
  • Entrance Steps
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Slip Resistant
  • Durable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Low in Maintenance
  • Easy to Cut/Install
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low Conductivity