Gritted surface FRP Pultruded gratings
  • Gritted surface FRP Pultruded gratings
  • Gritted surface FRP Pultruded gratings
  • Gritted surface FRP Pultruded gratings

Gritted surface FRP Pultruded gratings

The gritted pultruded FRP grating has a high load-bearing capacity and is ideally suited to installation with greater unsupported spans and even light vehicular traffic with the added advantage of a non-slip surface.

• Colours Available: All Ral color
• Regular Type: I-4010,I-5010, I-6010,I-4015,I-5015,I-6015,I-4020, I-5020,I-6020,T-1210,T-1810,T-2510,T-3310,T-3810,T-1215, T-2515,T-3815,T-3320,T-5020
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PULTRUDED FRP gratings are assembled from FRP bearer bars (either I or T section) and transversely linked with cross-rod sections to specified spacing, giving an open surface range from 33%-60%.

All types exhibit key product features & benefits:

  • Strong & durable – excellent loading ability
  • Non-corroding – no issues with rust, maintenance-free, low life-cycle costs
  • Impact-resistant – will not crack or chip, maintains the appearance
  • Fire retardant – choice of resin type to meet the required performance for fire resistance.
  • Chemical resistant – choice of options to suit all environments
  • Low electrical & thermal conductivity – ideal near electrical installations
  • Anti-slip surfaces – reduction in slip related accidents
  • Relative lightweight – reduced transport costs & load on existing structures
  • Easy handling, fabrication & assembly – no welding

FRP fibreglass gratings are produced by two distinct manufacturing processes to offer either Moulded or Pultruded variants. Both types of FRP grating are composite products and combine fibreglass strands with thermosetting resins to form extremely strong panel structures. These two complementary materials give reinforced composite plastic gratings excellent compressive and tensile strength.

Typical installation scenarios for FRP gratings include:

  • Access platform walkways
  • Pedestrian bridges, steps & walkway panels
  • Worker access to machinery
  • Marina gangways
  • Replacements for steel chequer plate or grid steps
  • Replacements for wooden steps
  • Marine vessel applications
  • Water treatment works
  • Offshore wind & oil facilities

MOULDED FRP gratings combine fibreglass rovings with a choice of thermosetting resins to form an extremely strong one piece panel.

High strength composite reinforced plastic Fibreglass gratings are proven to withstand the effects of chemical corrosion and are impact resistant and flame retardant. A comprehensive range of mesh size (including mini mesh frp or micro mesh frp grating), mesh type & surface finishes is available.